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You are shy around women, you don't need anyone to remind you of that, you know it all too well. You know that it gets when it comes to being able to meet women. You will know having a shy side inhibits you against being one of those guys who drop pick up lines in bars or approaches women in the pub. You know that when you're in a crowd along with other men, you aren't likely to be the one that stands out. What if you could and also you didn't even need to say a single word to get attention from a woman?

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I figured so too.

What I didn't realize and perhaps you haven't realized it yet, is that verbal communication is just a small a part of what actually attracts a ladies attention. Some state that it is as low as 7 percent. It's funny is it not, that 7 percent, a tiny little number is what keeps you against being able to have the success with women that you deserve and yearn for.

It doesn't need to anymore.

Used to do a little test a few years back, just to see if it had been really TRUE, that you could actually attract a ladies attention without having to say a single word. Much to my surprise - it worked the first time out! I was kind of shocked as you would expect.

Standing in the perfect spot in this trendy little bar, where plenty of good looking and affluent women and men go on a Friday evening, I put it to the test. I made a pact with myself to stay silent, and to see if I possibly could really attract a woman's attention. Just so you know, I'm rather picky when it comes to women.

Some call it superficial whenever you prefer really sexy, beautiful women. I favor to call it being picky. We do hope you don't mind.

I spotted her. She was gorgeous. Brunette, long hair, and people eyes. Beautiful blue eyes that I could see from about 30 feet away. Five foot six, maybe seven, couldn't have been more than 125 pounds... curvy where it counts.

I made eye-to-eye contact and smiled, she did the same. I made sure that my body system language only agreed to be right, and that i briefly looked away, as if something caught my attention in the other direction.

When I looked back towards her, our eyes met again. Again, just a little smile which time - I made a slight adjustment to my body system language and noticed, she type of matched it. I rolled my eyes just a tad, to exhibit a little playfulness.

I quickly spotted a table that was free and sat down. Just a little exchange that seemed type of fun, I did not think something more would come of it, so I gazed the window for a moment, getting type of lost in my thoughts.

That's when I heard it.

Her voice.

"Is it alright basically sit down along with you?"

Yep. It worked. I did not have to say a single syllable, she had stop by and inspired to join me.

Funny thing is, I've done the same thing again and again since that night and many of the time, it really works like a charm.

So, yeah, you are able to attract a ladies attention without needing to say a single word.

That's good news if you are shy around women.

Here is a little recap of what I did and just how you can attract a woman's attention without needing to say a single word:

1. Playful and friendly eye-to-eye contact.

2. Alpha male body language.

3. An easy shift in your body language that acts almost like a lure.

Really quite simple, right?

The beautiful thing of it is, you don't have to worry about having to "compete" with other men. You don't have to worry about using a killer pick up line. Should you understand that most of the attraction happens on a non-verbal level, you are light years in front of most men out there. And you WILL be able to attract attention from the woman, even if you're normally shy around them.

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